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We’ve brought dozens of innovative companies into the bright light of the public.
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Step App
We helped Step App significantly grow their user acquisition and user engagement metrics, which in turn resulted in increasing their FITFI token's value by 138%.
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We turned the brand's battle against cyber theft into a buzzworthy narrative, catching major attention with sharp articles and media strategies that even top crypto players like Cointelegraph and Coindesk couldn't ignore.
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We assisted XPANCEO by having native English speakers proofread their intricate deep tech content and professional translators localize it into Arabic, ensuring the highest level of grammatical and stylistic accuracy.
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GoMining & Crypto Daily
To elevate GoMining’s reputation as a promoter of valuable crypto content, we launched a turnkey "GoCrypto" interview series featuring Mike Ermolaev’s talks with leaders from Ripple, Binance, and other top companies, published on Crypto Daily with an audience exceeding 10.8 million.
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Together with Brazil’s top-1 crypto media outlet, we crafted a tailored PR proposal that brought Münzen 40+ press mentions in the most conversional publications.
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ChangeNOW ecosystem
We developed a powerful PR strategy for the ChangeNOW ecosystem to raise its brand recognition as a pioneer in promoting the mass adoption of crypto payments.
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We created buzz around the launch of blockchain-based mobile game Econia, minimizing PR costs and reducing the CPI by 17%.
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Company Under NDA
During the 2.5-month SERM campaign, we successfully improved the brand's reputation across all major review platforms, ensuring a minimum company rating of 4 stars and securing an average of 75% to 100% positive reviews on each site.
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Our founder and CEO, Mike Ermolaev, joined forces with GoMining to deliver exclusive weekly digests of the industry’s most significant news as part of our client's commitment to providing its loyal community with high-quality expert content.
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