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Deep Tech
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XPANCEO addressed us with two challenging tasks. First, they needed a professional English proofreader to perfect their complex deep tech content, thereby fortifying their market presence in the global media landscape, expanding communication channels, and successfully achieving other business-related goals. Second, given that the company's headquarters are in the United Arab Emirates, it was also imperative to help them localize their content, including corporate documentation for internal use, into Arabic.
What we did
We quickly brought in experts in deep tech and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven, highly specialized, and non-trivial fields. Together, we worked on two distinct tasks simultaneously: improving and localizing business content, such as presentations, pitch decks, and one-pagers, and adjusting marketing and PR content, including press releases, dedicated media articles, social media posts, newsletters, and other materials. Our proofreading and localization efforts considered the specifics of each content type, as well as the broader audience’s mindset, to communicate the essentials in the most effective way.
Although the company operates in a highly specialized area, we managed to quickly involve specialists who delivered excellent proofreading and translations that adhered to the brand's objectives and facilitated their development in the MENA region. Moreover, as a PR agency, we not only enhanced its marketability locally but also helped make the company's disruptive AI and machine learning innovations easier to understand for a mass audience, fine-tuning their PR content to catch the attention of leading tech media.
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