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Step App is the only move-to-earn (M2E) project that has shown vibrant development since the downfall of STEPN, reaching the top of the market while still enabling users to profit from their product. They approached us with the goal of communicating their market appeal to audiences in the US and the UK, and increasing user engagement with their app and its central tokens, FITFI and KCAL, both of which are used within the app to enhance user experience. Additionally, they asked us to assist in promoting their exclusive FITFI giveaway by effectively conveying the benefits of owning this asset.
What we did
Our PR strategy began with thorough content planning and the selection of ideal media channels to target the right audiences. In line with the client’s business goals, we chose the best media outlets and developed a custom strategy to attract users potentially interested in joining the app and giveaway. After conducting extensive product research, we helped Step App identify their key USPs and transformed them into compelling sales copy for lead-generating articles. Utilizing our in-house technologies, we selected the appropriate article formats and took over content creation, while also collaborating with the brand to produce visually striking content driven by SEO strategies to improve Google's rankings.
The campaign was conducted in three stages. Overall, we published 75 lead-generating articles across four media platforms, precisely targeting audiences in the US and the UK. As a result, we accounted for 60% of all user traffic on the Step App website and helped attract over 2000 users to the client’s FITFI giveaway. Notably, throughout the campaign, the token’s price experienced several peaks, coinciding with each stage, and ultimately increased by 138%, from $0.00632 to $0.01505. Additionally, FITFI’s market cap and daily volume both surged by over 150%. It’s worth noting that the token is still trading above its pre-campaign price levels.
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