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ChangeNOW found themselves in a high-stakes situation when their risk prevention system spotted and stopped some fishy transactions in ALGO and USDC on the Algorand blockchain, adding up to a hefty $1.5M. Digging deeper, it turned out that these transactions were tied to a string of recent hacks hitting the Algorand community. We needed to make the complexity of the Algorand thefts crystal clear, without causing confusion.
What we did
Overnight, our crew got cracking on a savvy plan to make this breaking crypto news the buzz everyone's talking about. We handpicked the most suitable media platforms to distribute our 8 specially tailored news pieces about the incident, making sure each piece hit the right note. We meticulously planned the release of these articles, carefully timing and cross-posting them to adjust to the natural flow of breaking news.
The first batch of articles hit the presses the very next day, a rapid response is critical in this game where even a minute's delay can be costly. But the real kicker was how our well-thought-out plan set off a domino effect of organic reposts, culminating in features by crypto giants like Cointelegraph and Coindesk. Amid the ripple of organic shares, ChangeNOW emerged as more than secure – it became synonymous with transparency and reliability in the crypto space.
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