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The brand reached out to us with a specific need – boosting their online reputation across major review platforms in the regions they operate. They wanted to uplift their brand's image, ensuring that their company’s rating never dipped below 4 stars. They aimed to be prominently visible in search results with positive reviews to attract potential customers.
What we did
Like pieces of a puzzle, we carefully selected the best review sites to match our campaign goals and reviewed each platform's guidelines to find the best approach. Then, we meticulously designed a content plan, timing each review publication to appear organic and fly under the radar of any moderation efforts. We started by gently warming up the accounts, avoiding any potential moderation issues, and then moved on to create reviews that were authentic and convincing. We kept things fluid, tweaking our game plan on the go to nail each step with absolute precision – making sure every move packed a punch.
In just 2.5 months, our efforts bore fruit. We shared 33 original reviews across various platforms, which sparked even more conversation thanks to an extra 22 reviews that primed the accounts and fueled discussions. The result was clear: for most of the keywords, the top 10 search results were free of any negative mentions about the company. Notably, one of the two pages with negative content vanished from Yandex search results. Our efforts ensured that the brand's rating consistently shone bright, never falling below 75% and 4 stars, with some platforms even showcasing a 100% positive review rate.
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