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Our client was a major brand with a leading position in the crypto market. They contacted us and asked to develop an anti-crisis PR campaign that would mitigate reputational damage caused by scam accusations. These accusations were initiated by users who allegedly suffered from the client’s services. The main goal was to create an article that refutes baseless allegations and bring it to the top of the first page of Google, according to the searches like “/brand/ scam” and “/brand/ legit”.
What we did
negatively-tuned customers unsure of the fairness of their accusations. The headline set the tone, while the article structure was designed to leave things open at first and then provide different arguments as to why the client's product was not a scam. The final SEO-optimized text was published in the carefully chosen media outlet with the domain authority aligned with the client’s requirements. The article was further supported by 5 additional news articles published on other platforms and 2 posts in the client’s blog covering the true essence of the most frequent user complaints.
The flagship publication was ranked first in Google search, according to the aforementioned searches, while 4 out of 5 organic news pieces also appeared on the first page. The posts featuring scam accusations – including the most viewed thread on Reddit – were pushed to the second page. The number of negative reactions on Reddit decreased by 92%. The client’s support team further reported that the number of queries containing scam allegations dropped by nearly 39%.
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We turned the brand's battle against cyber theft into a buzzworthy narrative, catching major attention with sharp articles and media strategies that even top crypto players like Cointelegraph and Coindesk couldn't ignore.
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Company Under NDA
During the 2.5-month SERM campaign, we successfully improved the brand's reputation across all major review platforms, ensuring a minimum company rating of 4 stars and securing an average of 75% to 100% positive reviews on each site.
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