\Econia – Highlighting the launch of a P2E game

Strategic PR
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Mobile game
Company size:
The Econia team approached us with 2 main goals: to prepare their debuting game for mass-market release and to provide PR support during the launch phase. It was also important to minimize promotion costs as the largest portion of their budget was spent on product development. We were entrusted to arrange as many free publications as possible.
What we did
We helped the company identify its unique selling points, making it much easier to present Econia to content producers and grab their attention on the first try. We then researched relevant media outlets and bloggers in the gaming industry, picking out those who covered mobile games. Our next step was thoughtful preparation for negotiations – we formed pitches with different levels of personalization, detailed descriptions of Econia and its USPs, promo trailers and screenshots, as well as links with exclusive access to the game itself. Meanwhile, we created organic content for UGC-centric platforms and pumped up the project’s social media.
In the first month of Econia's launch, 1/6 of the total traffic was attracted with the help of PR, which allowed us to lower the CPI by 17%. Having a minimal budget for release promotion, we arranged 60 publications and mentions in the gaming media and blogs, with organic content at 90% and total outreach surpassing 169 million. Econia caught the attention of users from the US, the UK, Russia, and Germany – all geos the client was interested in from the very beginning.
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