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Denis Lagutenko is the top digital marketing influencer widely recognized in the CIS region. When we connected, he was about to expand his business into foreign markets. So, Denis asked us to assist him with enhancing his personal brand by arranging expert interviews in authoritative business magazines with global outreach.
What we did
We started with creating the press portrait of Denis, emphasizing his areas of expertise to help content producers identify the topics he’s eager to cover. Then we picked out media outlets with the relevant focus, paying special attention to fintech, digital marketing, and Tier 1 magazines. Finally, we prepared personalized pitches and reached out to editors, taking care of negotiation and supervision of content production.
All in all, this thought leadership campaign took 3 months. We organized 22 subject matter interviews with Denis Lagutenko in media outlets such as Yahoo Finance, TechTimes, The London Economic, InsiderMonkey, Benzinga, IBTimes, Deccan Chronicle, and Investing.com. As a result, Denis earned initial credibility as a world-renowned digital marketing entrepreneur and influencer, which significantly facilitated the extension of his business into new regions.
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