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Top-tier exposure does wonders for your brand's image, massively broadening your reach and connecting you with the industry's power players. But even a Cointelegraph feature can be inefficient if you expect the results it simply can’t deliver. All top media outlets have their own specifics, and we’ll pick them out individually to prevent you from wasting your PR budget on placement in irrelevant publications.
Assessing Tier 1 outlets for best brand alignment
Tailoring strategies for each selected publication
Crafting impactful stories for specific audiences
Building and maintaining relationships with key media contacts
Tracking results and adapting tactics accordingly
In this way we helped:
AI company under NDA
We successfully pitched the brand's story to top outlets such as Inc., The Verge and Wired, after which we boosted the overall impact with a wide-ranging campaign across 15 Tier 2 crypto media platforms, achieving an impressive coverage reach of nearly 1 billion.
Crypto processing company under NDA
We arranged a series of expert quotations for the company's representatives to be featured in the U.S. editions of Forbes, Bloomberg, and Business Insider.
AI startup under NDA
We effectively secured coverage for their compelling news story in TechCrunch, Wired, Nasdaq, and Forbes, which resulted in 270+ organic republications about their brand and latest developments.
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