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Every successful campaign starts with a compelling story, and we can masterfully package your company updates into captivating newsbreaks that will make waves across the right media channels. This way, we ensure a viral effect that catches the eye of top publications and inspires them to organically spotlight your brand. The best part? You won't even have to pay hefty bills for this exposure!
Crafting engaging newsbreaks from your latest updates
Selecting ideal media outlets for maximum impact
Designing campaigns to spark organic shares and mentions
Writing well-thought-out copies that stand out and get noticed
Tracking campaign performance and providing detailed insights
In this way we helped:
We have enhanced the marketing campaigns of several brands through our PR support, significantly amplifying their news coverage on platforms such as AMBCrypto, FXStreet, Hackernoon, Coingape, and TechBullion, among others.
We have enhanced awareness of the brand's activities by organizing over 140 publications in the Tier 2 crypto segment and a wide range of tech media outlets.
By skillfully packaging their news into an engaging press release, we helped WeWay effectively communicate the partnership of their launchpad, WePad, with a market leader, successfully garnering over 300 million in audience reach.
Arctic Wallet
For this brand, we distributed multiple press releases and authored various articles wrapped around well-crafted newsbreaks, cumulatively reaching an audience of over 800 million.
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