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Exclusively, we can spread your business message across various geos. In addition to global markets, we focus on Latin America and India both of which are extremely appealing markets with relatively favorable regulatory environments, impressive adoption rates, and live audiences that are less solvent than Europeans and Americans, but more eager to use innovative products. However, the local communities are very exclusive due to cultural inertia, meaning you’ll need 100% customized and region-friendly PR as part of your go-to-market strategy.
Evaluating unique aspects of foreign markets
Advising on regulations
Adapting our region-specific PR strategies to your project
Tailoring content to align with cultural values
Building relationships with key media outlets and influencers
Assisting with translations
In this way we helped:
Under our custom strategy, we published over 40 mentions in top local outlets to prepare the brand for participation in Sigma Brazil 2023, and localized its website into Argentine Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.
Our bespoke campaign integrated numerous reputable wired publications and organic coverage in both English and Cantonese to enhance traction in the Hong Kong market, while also incorporating additional global organic publications to bolster the localized effort.
To pave the way for a smooth market entry, we created 10+ articles for top Kazakh media outlets highlighting how well the brand fits into the local scene.
Caracas Blockchain Week
Since the inception of this Venezuela-based event, we've assisted them with PR support for 2 years, promoting their brand globally through interviews with the founders in major media outlets and enhancing their international media presence.
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